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Your Voice Through Change

Updated: Oct 4

On the journey to ReClaim my voice there has been many internal and external changes waiting for me at the prompting of change. I know change is required of me when I am nudged to do something I have never done before. But when I feel anxious and doubt comes in three things are shown to me,

1) Another layer of my blanket of comfort is about to come off (anxiety).

2) Do I have what is needed to complete the task (doubt).

3) Is this what God wants me to do? (doubt)*with a splash of self-sabotage*

I've come to realize past decisions and consequences from those decisions dont always feel the same and are no longer truth in the present. I believe that is because when you are not the same person you once were the present truth need to have a discussion with the past truth. This is why checking-in is important.

The idea of checking-in is about checking-in with self and only you know which area of self needs checking-in. Whether it's a mental, physical, emotional or physiological check-in; it is necessary to do. Why? Because in that moment there is a need inside you that is waving for your attention. How do I know this? Here is a recent example of a physiological and mental check-in. Prior to writing this blog I had a talk with myself. Friday I made the decision to start this blog and to take Coaching Through to another level. This level is a no brainer to most people but for someone as myself that is on the journey of coming out of my comfort zone this is a big deal...a risky deal. I sat down to think about the risk I took yesterday and how I become anxious and doubtful. I sat in that moment to acknowledge what my mind and body was telling me. Mind: "Hey, do you really want to do this...this is complicated to do!? Ughhh, why are you even thinking about doing this! Body: "I am scared. Are you even going to be able to keep this up? Do you really want to put us through this?" 1- I made the decision to do it ( the response to my mind and my value determination came through) 2- Now I have the space in my mind to think "Do it scared. This is going to be good for you! Try it out! I know this is the third time you are trying, but this time it's different! 3- I made my body feel safe, "Yes, I am doing it! What if this changes everything!" ( the response to my body was with excitement and curiosity) 3- I took action. I clicked that submit button.

My body and mind became regulated and aligned...that was it!

It is not uncommon for doubt to partner with risk. What is common is not taking the risk.

For those of us in the comfort zone we dont take risks. For many reasons its uncomfortable, duh! That's why we hold on to it. That is why this zone is psychological. It affects our behavior. It is a mental prison that has become our identity keeping us bound in our mind and body. How long can you really hold on to this false state of control and ease? Here's a side bar...So many of us were never taught that our feelings, thoughts and emotions are important. So what we have continued doing since childhood is pack it all down. When we do this it creates a misalignment in our bodies. The longer it sits decomposing our body says, "Oh, you dont need me to function the way I was created, to signal you when something is off, unsafe or attention needs to be brought to it. Ok, you do it without me." The result of that for some of us is dis-ease. For the rest of us the result is trauma.

When we surrender to change we are accepting the key to the pathway of our voice. I describe my comfort zone as a thick, soft and layered blanket. Under all those layers nothing can come in or out and absolutely nothing can be heard. You are missing out on the core of who you are when you leave the light within you loosely fastened. You are limiting yourself of so much. For me I have been choking my creativity and holding back the grand imaginations of the little girl inside me. I say no more! Little Vernica deserves to dream through every challenge, possibility and learning opportunity. She will embrace having expectation in her heavenly Father to guide her in the right direction. Are you ready to say no more? Use your voice daily and say it out loud then walk this new truth in your world.

Be Well.


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