• Vernica W.

Values and Your Prayers

How can your values hinder your relationship with God? Sounds weird right but our values can. Prayer is simply communication with God. How true is it for some people when we are not feeling our best we prefer to be alone; we go into isolation. Sometimes days at a time. We back up from presenting ourselves with confidence, standing tall and effective.

When we are feeling that way it can create a challenge for us to want to talk to the Father. We judge God by the values identified in our situation, good or bad. It exposes how we see ourselves and it affects our actions. We think God sees us as we see ourselves so why should we talk to someone who will also talk down at us. We are used to people not understanding us or disregarding our feelings so why would we want to be around those people let alone the God of the universe.

God does not see us through the false values the world placed on us; he sees us through our worth in Him.

Here is the thing God is not like us {Is 55:8-9 NLT} God says, "My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts...and my ways are far beyond anything you can imagine." His truth about you is good! How He sees you is way over your head. He knows the real you, not the identity that was placed on you due to how you were raised or how society sees you, or what happened to you. The beliefs that come from those things keep you from seeing who God really is in your life.

I will always say check your values. Make sure the values you hold on to are values that empower not values that destroy. Allow your empowering values to guide how you show up in your world. The values in your life that are false take them to God in prayer. How do you know if they are false? Does the generational value, "what happens in this house stay in this house" give you a good feeling?

To you who has people-pleasing tendencies, you don't have to please God in order to be accepted by Him, you already are. Co-dependent tendencies beholder, you don't have to run from vulnerability, God will not reject you. You're figuring out how to have boundaries, God will show you a way of escape.


Make a decision today to face the belief systems in your mind that are keeping you stuck in destructive tendencies and counteract the lies with the beliefs that will bring you healing.

Be Well.


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