ReClaiming Your Voice...Little Girl

Little girl wounds are real. My father was never in my life. I was told horror stories about my father. The day came when those stories came to life. As I sat on a big wheel breathing hard due to speeding down the street on a unleveled pavement. I saw a tall man standing before me pointing a weapon in my face. I hear my mother's voice screaming. I get snatched away from my father, thrown in the car and we sped off. That was my introduction to the one I share biology.

I need a Father!

I dedicate this blog to the women who say, "I dont know my father...whatever." "I don't need a father." "I take care of myself." I also dedicate this blog to the little girl who's father was not present in your life. The little girl who deserved protection...emotional and physical. The little girl who missed out of experiencing the powerful love of a father.

Dear Little Girl,

You need a Father. A Father who will love you unconditionally. A Father who sees you. A Father who will protect you. A Father who will never let you go, even when you say, "I got it". A Father who will touch you with his words of strength and encouragement. A Father who gives you wisdom and knowledge generously when you ask big questions. A Father who will speak life to your thoughts and speak strength to your weakness. A Father who will meet you in your softness, honored to carry you when you struggle to walk, and meet you with open arms at your destination.

You need a Daddy. A Daddy who is not afraid to teach you vulnerability by example. You desire a Daddy who will remind you that you are valuable and precious in his sight. A Daddy who sees your gifts; molding and shaping what he sees with his guidance and unconditional love.


Father God. I your daughter need you. When the little girl inside of me wrestle with rejection, feel unsafe, return to self harming behaviors because of confusion, misplaced anger and unsure of my identity; I will reach for you. I will reach for your acceptance, provision, clarity, healing and my value in you.

Be Well Little Girl.


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