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ReClaiming Your Voice in Season 2

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Welcome to the ReClaiming Your Voice blog! The official blog of The Coaching Through Podcast. I have gone back and forth about if Coaching Through would have a blog well we are here now...so you're welcome!

For those of you that dont know "ReClaiming Your Voice" came about when I began my journey to unravel out of my comfort zone. So much of my life, my views of the world, my identity, insecurities was under this blanket. Then one day God said to me, "Come out of your comfort zone". I pondered on it unsure of what He was getting at until he said it again, "Come out of your comfort zone". You wanna know what came next...fear. I knew what was at the tip of my comfort zone but the depth of it I did not want to face. Which was my number two insecurity...my voice. You see, even today I am not clear about my small family's history other than my deceased grandmother lived in New York for a period of time and that she was from an Native American tribe. Her father and grandfather originated from Scotland, and I had white cousins ( far removed) so far I only remember meeting them one time and that memory is a blur; but that's about it. This awareness can be exciting or depressing, right. In elementary school I had to go to speech therapy because of the way I talked. My mom (deceased as well) went along with it so there I went a curious straight "A" student going to a class that made me feel like something was wrong not just with me but my voice. This stayed with me all my life evolving into an insecurity tree growing branches that poked through my relationships, my self esteem and how I showed up in the workplace and every environment I dwelled.

So yes God had a lot of work to do in me on this journey... but it has been an amazing ride that I am so thankful for.

How deep into your comfort zone are you?

So the Journey to ReClaim my Voice began then Coaching Through became the business I have been working on creating and establishing it ever since.

The Coaching Through Podcast

The Coaching Through Podcast with Vernica Williams came about after I experienced self -forgiveness for choices I made in the past that affected my children and my life. Parenting is not easy especially when ignorance was the fitted sheet I have grown so accustomed to laying on. It happened during journaling. God's spirit came through the words I was writing and I grieved the results of my choices, the pain of my children experienced and the person I was back then. I am not the same woman, thank God, but like I said before a lot of work needs to be done to walk in the truth that has laid dormant in my life FAR TO LONG! On the weekend of my 49th birthday after the emotional release and it felt like my body was free from the prison I put myself in "PODCAST" came out of my mouth... from my heart and now to your ears. The Podcast is for the "recovering people pleaser, codependent, and lack of boundaries do-er" I coach people through this journey by building core values and acknowledging the needs connected that has been ignored in all of our lives. I have seen breakthroughs doing this work with my clients and for that I am grateful.

After twenty episodes in I have paused the show because I have to focus on the needs of my family, my mental health and process the change that has been happening in my life forever a month. That change will express itself on the podcast for season 2. The purpose will remain the same recovering from the behaviors mentioned above that NO LONGER serve us becoming who we desire to be, but the evolved objective is bringing God on the journey with us. My listeners know that I am a Christ believer. I say it during the intro every week. Therefore, my journey of healing from the trauma I have experienced since the age of two, the reason I said yes to coming out of my comfort zone, and finally forgiving myself is because of Jesus Christ! I want everyone who will also say yes to healing from emotional abuse, people pleasing, codependency, and having a lack of boundaries to be free and to have hope that doing the hard work will be a journeylike no other.

So Season 2 of The Coaching Through Podcast returns Wednesday October 20th.

We are ReClaiming Our Voices on this journey with vulnerability, intention, and our voices heard!


Be Well,


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