Coaching Through...Superwoman, hang your cape

As we approach the holiday season and the end of 2021, I want to encourage you Superwoman, hang your cape. I am not suggesting you wait until January1st 2022 to take action. This is your call to action now; Superwoman, hang your cape. How much longer will you be stressed, experience burn out and walk around depleted emotionally trying to balance other people lives when your life is suffering from the lack of self-care. How long will you continue to loan out your mental capacity to a situation that you or the person it really belongs to can't control?

Will you continue to carry the consequences of another? Will you take on the responsibilities of another while you watch what you fought and prayed for become unrecognizable?

Superwoman, hang your cape.

Your kryptonite of people pleasing has been eating you alive; and you know it, but the excuses, the enabling has only caused you to feel a greater sense of responsibility to be a help that you forgot in order for you to help another you must place the oxygen mask on you first. Your physical and emotional needs have been neglected time and time again. What about you?

Woman, I am here to remind you to check in. Check in with your mind and body. Check in with your boundaries, your values, your needs. Find where the misalignment began. Breathe...

I know you have expectations that was placed on you and some of those expectations may have been self assigned. I know your responsibilities are great. I know you think if you dont do it, it will fall apart. Here is my question to you...will it fall apart before or after you do? Now here is my plea, don't allow it. Take time away from it all to search for the tear within you that is seeking the "it" to mend it.

Give it to God. Trust that God can take care of the situation, and take care of the person way better than you. Also, trust that He is the only Savior and no one can turn around a situation like him. Hang your cape. Decide you wont be needing it anymore.

Be Well


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