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 I am a survivor of complex trauma. I've experienced molestation at the age of two by my grandfather bullied from the age of five through seventeen, rejected at eighteen by my father, I am a recovering people-pleaser and I am an overcomer from emotional abuse. I overcame homelessness as a single mother by allowing God to begin healing me from the root of self-centeredness and I earned a masters degree during marital separation with the intent to divorce.

People pleasing, co-dependency, and lacking boundaries became the comfort zone I held on to while in survival mode. However, since surrendering to the journey of shedding layers of the blanket of comfort, I now can see through the lens of self-forgiveness, gratitude, emotional and spiritual healing, and value in myself because of my identity in God. 


As well as a social worker, I am a board member of Life Turning Point of Philadelphia; the same house I resided in when I was homeless then five years after became staff.

I am so thankful that I am able to use the gifts God gave me and the pain I've experienced to be a vehicle of change and healing for homeless women and children and the clients I am honored to serve.

When I am not providing psychotherapy or life coaching, I host a podcast called The Coaching Through Podcast w/Vernica Williams. Where I help individuals choose the journey of recovering from people-pleasing, codependency, and lacking boundaries.