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ReClaiming Your Voice Life Coaching

12 Week Coaching

Let's Coach Through it!

ReClaiming Your Voice Life Coaching is for you if you are a people pleaser, lack boundaries, and have the following concerns...       

  • Hypercritical thought patterns                                                                         

  • "Who am I?" (core values and values building)

  • Relationship with self and others (interpersonal relationships) 

  • Emotional abuse 
  •  Anxious thoughts
  • Avoiding your needs
  •  Self-sabotoge 
  • Low self- worth
  • Readiness to take on blame/responsibility
  • The need to "perform" to earn love, status, value, etc., and perfectionism tendencies

What you can expect from ReClaiming Your Voice Coaching 


  • Weekly 75 min 1.1 coaching video calls

  • 12 weeks of focusing on your goals

  • I will hold you accountable, give you empathy and compassion, and the encouragement to hit your goals while directing you back to God.

  • I will guide you from a therapeutic and Christian perspective and from my own life experience as a woman who shares a similar story as you. 

  • I will guide you with identifying your core values and your needs and applying them to your life.

  • We will explore and identify the root of people pleasing in your life and the seeds of trauma it grew from.

Client-focused assignments to reframe negative thoughts, direct you to God, and promote inner change such as,

  • Therapeutic evidence-based interventions

  • In session & homework assignments to address areas of concern

  • Dimensional Goal Outline {To connect your goals to your life}

  • Goal Growth Tracker { To visually track your progress}

  • Video recordings of each session* {At client’s request}

  • In session prayer* {At client's request}


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 ReClaiming your voice coaching is a revelation! Vernica gives you so many tools that you can use in any environment. This pays for itself more than a few times over. You can use her coaching in a variety of scenarios when you need to slow down, focus, be aware, and especially spiritual guidance. I am not only using what I learned for my weight loss goals but also in my relationships and even financial goals. This coaching will change your life in ways you never even considered!


Nikki T.

Phila, Pa.

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There are no words that can truly describe what Vernica Williams has done for me. I tackled issues I didn't even know I had, let alone all the ones I did have, Vernica is attentive, empathetic, and intuitive. She listens, and she doesn't just listen with her ears, she listens with her heart,

Shanna L.
Doylestown, Pa.

What are you investing in?

Firstly...YOU. After that...

You are investing in your secret desire to come out of the mental pit you keep falling into time after time after time. 

You are investing in the support you cried out for in the middle of the night when you felt your mind could not take another hit from the gaslighting.

You are investing in someone extending their hand down the pit to you.

You know the results of your behaviors are keeping you on a spiral but you don't understand why you keep choosing to are investing in that.

You are investing in who you are becoming in the pit.

You are investing in discovering who you can become outside the pit. 

You are investing in the gained strength to tightly hold the hand extended to you while pushing that hand away from the entrance of the pit on your way out.

You want the ability to use what you learned after you are out of the mental are investing in that.

You want to live out what you have learned in the pit in an intentional way that works for are investing in that.

Let's coach through the evolution of your journey to discover who you are in God, make choices for your life with intention, experience mental strength & healing, and be connected to the core of who you are.

Let’s work together!

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